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The output signal of the rotary encoder which we? How to use the rotary encoder output signal?

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  The rotary encoder is used for speed means everyone in the actual operation of the application, it will come into contact with the rotary encoder output signal type, I do not know whether these types better? Today liters Electronic universal to everyone under this area know how.   Signal sequence as a rotary encoder
  Usually the encoder output signal in addition to A, B two-phase (A, B signal sequence, two-channel phase difference of 90 degrees), every revolution also outputs a zero pulse Z. .
  When the spindle in a clockwise direction, press the map output pulse, A channel signal in the B-channel before; when the spindle rotation CCW, A channel signal is located after the B channel. To thereby determine the spindle is forward or reverse.
Sine differential signal output of the encoder output is shown below:
  Rotary encoder output signal
    The rotary encoder zero signal
  Rounds per encoder revolution a pulse, called the zero pulse or marker pulse, zero pulse is used to determine the zero position or identify the location.
  To accurately measure the zero pulse, regardless of the direction of rotation, zero pulse are high as the combined output of the two channels. The presence of the phase difference between the channels, the zero pulse of half the pulse length.
  Early warning signals of the rotary encoder
  There are some encoder alarm signal output, power supply failure, the light emitting diode fault alarm, so that users timely replacement encoder.
   NPN / PNP open collector output (NPN / PNP Open Collector) is the most basic output, anti-interference ability, output short effective distance. Rotary encoder for incremental encoder output, is now rarely used.
  With the above rotary encoder output signal type of explanation, I hope we can according to the basics of the rotary encoder has a comprehensive understanding of Guangdong Granville Electronics Co., Ltd. R & D focus on the production of rotary encoders since 1991, the full range advanced production and testing equipment, quality and delivery standards, customers get the praise over the years and the community, the company has a professional R & D team, if design requirements, please contact us!

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