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Audio potentiometer is broken, how to fix it?

Article Source:www.soundwell-cn.com  Edit:Soundwell  issuing time:2015-11-30
Audio potentiometer is broken, how to fix it?

  Volume potentiometer is generally bad internal bad contact, specific performance is big, sometimes small sound.
  Structurally potentiometer points enclosed open two, if it is difficult to repair broken enclosed, direct purchase of the same specifications of the new substitution up, it is noted that in addition to the same shape, size should be the same . Linear potentiometer is divided: A, B, C are three linear and therefore have the same, or affect the use. For example, the original potentiometer is A50K, when buying a new addition to the same shape, size also to A50K of.
  If it is open, you can use glue cotton scrub alcohol potentiometer internal carbon and carbon sheets and sheet metal in contact with the brush. Because the potentiometer is to develop long-term use and easy formula to poor contact and oxidation after scrubbing to see results. Or if it is proposed to replace aging. And to replace the same principle as the original specifications.
  General common potentiometer inexpensive, priced a few dollars in the electronics market is readily available, they have a soldering iron and solder wire can be easily replaced. If no tools bought potentiometer please help lower electrical repair shop welding it. .

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