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Soundwell Electronic Products (Guangdong) Co., Ltd.

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RS13 Metal shaft rotary multi-way switch

RS13 Metal shaft rotary multi-way switch

  • Series:RS13
  • Format:See the following profile
  • Specifications  

    Multiple Switch Model: RS13
    Name: Metal shaft rotary multi-way switch
    Main Specifications: Rated power:DC 16V 0.5A;
    Contact resistance:50mΩ Max ;
    Positioning Points:2~6 ;
    Operating temperature: -20℃ ~60℃;
    Service life:10,000 More than times;
    Product Features: Do four loops can be done 2-6 segments, rotating feel good, clear sense of positioning, obviously, the shape and length of the axis selectable.
    Applications: The product is suitable for audio amplifier, household appliances and other other electronic equipment, primarily as adjust the volume, switch functions and so on.

    1、 Rotational Torque :300-900gf.cm
    2、Step angle :30°±3°
    3、Shaft wobble:1.0 x L / 30mm p-p (L:)

    1、 Contact resistance :50mΩ Max
    2、 Rating Power:0.15A,DC 12V
    3、Number of detent :2~6 detents
    4、Insulation Resistance :100 MΩ 1 Min at DC 500V
    5、Dielectric Voltage :1 Minute at AC 500V

    1、Rotational Life:10,000 cycles Min

    Note:In this catalog,if some parame ters lr drawings are different from the "Approval sheet",it's subject to the "Approval sheet".

    Download RS13 finished map1.pdf


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