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Synthetic membrane potentiometer precautions What?

Article Source:www.soundwell-cn.com  Edit:Soundwell  issuing time:2015-11-30

  Synthetic membrane potentiometer is a common adjustable potentiometer, let's look at what is synthetic membrane potential, synthetic membrane potentiometer on the insulating substrate is coated with a synthetic carbon, after heating polymerized to form carbon diaphragm, and then combined with other parts from the body resistance, low cost, low noise, good stability is that it features.
  Synthetic membrane potentiometer Notes First, for a ground pad of the potentiometer, which lug must be grounded to prevent outside interference.
  Synthetic membrane potentiometer Note II generated when a current flows through the high resistance potentiometer voltage drop shall not exceed the maximum allowed by potentiometer operating voltage.
  Synthetic membrane potentiometer Note 3. In order to prevent the potential of the contacts, the conductive layer deterioration or burning, small resistance potentiometer operating current contacts must not exceed the maximum allowed current.
  Synthetic membrane potentiometer Note Four, in order to prevent the maximum potentiometer resistance adjustment approaches zero current exceeds the maximum, preferably a current limiting resistor in series in order to avoid potential overcurrent damage.
  Synthetic membrane potentiometer Note V. various trimming potentiometer can be mounted directly on a printed circuit board, but it should be noted that the arrangement of adjacent elements in order to ensure easy potentiometer adjustment without affecting adjacent components.
  Synthetic membrane potentiometer precautions six potentiometer installation must be solid and reliable fastening nut should apply sufficient torque to tighten in place to prevent loosening of the displacement occurs toward the long course, collide with other elements and lead students circuit failure.
  Synthetic membrane potentiometer Note, by reason of some parts of the potentiometer is intoxicated with polycarbonate and other synthetic resin, so do not contain ammonia, amines, alkali solution and aromatic hydrocarbons, ketones, halogenated hydrocarbons large concentrations of compounds and other chemicals used in an environment, in order to prolong the life of the potentiometer.
  Synthetic membrane potentiometer precautions eight potentiometers do not overload use, to be used in the rating. When the potentiometer for adjusting the current rheostat, allows power to be in contact with the movable contact brush stroke proportionally reduced in order to ensure the current flow does not exceed the rating of the potentiometer allows to prevent the potentiometer due to local overload failure.
  Synthetic membrane potentiometer Note IX before you use quality potentiometer check. Shank potentiometer should be flexible rotation, elastic appropriate, no mechanical noises. Check with a multimeter nominal resistance values ​​should meet the requirements. If the resistance value of the fixed end and the potentiometer wiper between the lugs with a multimeter, slowly rotating rotary potentiometer arbor, the hands should rotate smoothly without jumping phenomenon.
  As the use of nine synthetic membrane potentiometer summary considerations, we are hoping to help you in the process of using an adjustable potentiometer that can be better used.

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