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Adjustable potentiometer reference selection criteria?

Article Source:www.soundwell-cn.com  Edit:Soundwell  issuing time:2015-11-30

  Standard, according to the requirements of the device and the circuit after selecting an adjustable potentiometer type and size, but also a reasonable choice of adjustable potentiometer electrical parameters of the circuit according to the requirements, including the rated power, nominal resistance, tolerance, resolution rate, the maximum operating voltage, dynamic noise.
  Standard two, according to the choice of resistance variation of the potentiometer
Various power supply voltage regulator circuit, amplification circuit operating point adjustment, brightness adjustment and vice horizontal and vertical scanning signal conditioner potentiometer shall use linear potentiometer. Audio equipment tone control potentiometer should be used in reverse logarithmic (formerly exponential) potentiometers, volume control potentiometer optional logarithmic potentiometer.
  Standard Three, according to requirements select potentiometer
  Potentiometer selection should be based on the specific requirements of the application to select the potentiometer resistor material, structure, type, size, adjust the way.
  For example, high-power circuit used power type wirewound potentiometers; precision instruments and other circuits should be used in high-precision wirewound potentiometers, precision multi-turn potentiometer or metallic glass glaze potential; the high-frequency circuit can be used carbon potentiometer ; transistor radio volume control and power switch can be used with a small rotary switch carbon potentiometer; stereo audio amplifier volume control can be used double coaxial potentiometer; tone control audio system can be used straight slide potentiometer; the reference voltage regulated power supply circuit should be used in trimming potentiometer; potentiometer communications equipment and computer use can be used SMD multi-turn potentiometer or a single-turn potentiometer.

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